Imagine being lost on a cold, dark road that twists and turns. You need to get to your destination, but you’ve made a wrong turn. You cannot pull over because the shoulder is not wide enough. It’s Christmas and you just want to see your family. Unfortunately, this scene is very common, especially around the holidays. But it doesn’t have to be for the members of your family. Giving GPS navigational car kits as gifts will prevent this from happening.

Now imagine that same cold, dark road. Only now, you know where to make that turn that will lead you safely home for the holiday’s because your GPS car unit gave you accurate driving directions.

Putting together a GPS car kit is very simple. There are many navigational units available from Cobra Electronics, Delkin Devices, Icom America, Inc., Silva Tech, and many more. You should look for a unit that can be mounted easily onto the dashboard of any car. These units have large monitors so that drivers will be able to see maps easily. Some units have turn-by-turn voice options that will tell you when to make turns and how far it is to your destination.

Mounted GPS units can also tell you where nearby restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other attractions are along the way. With memory storage, you will able to store maps, routes, and locations of various road trips that you take on a regular basis. You will never have to read a map again.

Some GPS units have weather, traffic, and Bluetooth capabilities that will make any long road trip more enjoyable. You will be able to learn about incoming weather that could make road travel stressful, you can receive traffic reports that will allow you to alter your route, and you will be able to call your family to tell them you will be late for the holiday dinner, hands-free.

In addition to a GPS unit, you should also include a car adaptor, antenna kit, traffic receiver, GPS mount, earphones, and protective pouch for easy storage.

If you want, you can also buy the Magellan Roadmate 760T bundle with traffic kit that is already assembled and ready to use. This kit offers the added benefit of roadside assistance.

There are other GPS gifts that are worth looking into if you know someone who enjoys hiking, skiing, and camping. A handheld GPS unit can be used outdoors and while driving. Even though the monitor is much smaller, if the unit will be used mainly outdoors, then it should not be a problem. You should consider buying an adaptor, battery charger, extra battery pack, and carrying case. This will complete your handheld GPS gift kit.

Traveling roads that are covered with snow or that are unfamiliar can be stressful. If someone you know travels a lot or just needs detailed directions when getting from one location to another, why not give them something useful this holiday season? A GPS navigational system is the perfect gift for those who want to get to their destination quickly and safely every time.